Current Lists

Real Estate

Pre-movers, probates, pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, for sale by owners, mortgages, geographic farms, home buyers, home sellers, divorces, and more.

Automobile Sellers

We identify automobile sellers throughout North America.

Vital Records

Our vital records data is comprised of death records, wedding records, birth records, and next of kin. Use it to find potential buyers or for fraud protection.

Our Process


Thousands of sources are researched, with millions of points of data gathered and processed.


Automated filtering system eliminates unnecessary data. Humans provide further filters to assure the highest quality data.


After refining the dataset, we add important contact and demographic information to each data point.

Who We Are

Domega is the world leader of data aggregation, filtering and augmentation. The name Domega is derived from a unit of binary storage called a Domegemegrottebyte which is 1033 (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) bytes of data. One Domegabyte could store every piece of media, every book ever written and every word ever spoken in the entire world billions of times over.

We are passionate about all data, especially big data. We are optimistic that we will overcome any challenge we encounter through technological advances that haven’t been invented yet. We work diligently to accomplish the impossible.

We want to democratize data for people everywhere to help them create abundance.

Today we are gathering data from thousands of sources around the world. Once we have the data we use a series of filters, both machine and human, to filter the data according to the specifications of our customers’ needs. We then add to the records any missing data that would be useful to our customers including contact information like cell phone numbers and email addresses. We also add demographic information that is critical to our clients' success.